10 Ocak 2017

Healthy Relationships

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We all know something about love.Some of us had beautiful relationships in the past.Some of us still have relationship.Congratulations to them.It's a really nice feeling.So, Love is also one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

So, what should we do for a healthy relationship? In my opinion...

Lovers should share the same thoughts for a healthy long relationship.If you want to start a relationship with a person you like, make sure you recognize that person before you start.After a while You can be disappointed.You can not recognize anyone in a short time.If you don't want to be disappointed, you should spend more time in flirting.

If you believe you found the right person, you should always love that person like the first kissing day.The only need of every relationship is real loves.If you have real love,you can easily solve all your problems.You shouldn't always say " I love you " Sometimes you should show how you love.You should fill the relationship with laughter and joy for the smile of your face.If you fill they with, When you are angry you are less angry with each other and forgive faster.

A relationship is a life shared by two people.You can not move like you want.Before you do something important, you should say love.If you don't tell it, you lose its trust.You should empathize to avoid problems.So, walking along a long road together wants to labor.

If you are in a healthy relationship, you know it.it feel safe and happy.Everything is as it should be.You always think about the person you love.That person's happiness makes you happy.You try to make its face smile for its happiness.Of course, If you really love it, you do.

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