18 Aralık 2016

Picnic by the Lake - English Conversation

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JOE: "Hi mike.What are you doing today?"
MIKE: "Hi Joe.My family and I are going to the lake.We're going to have a picnic."
JOE: "That's sounds like fun."
MIKE: "Do you want to join us?"
JOE: "May I? I would love to join."
MIKE: "Sure.We are leaving at 10:30."
JOE: "Ok.Let me ask my parents.What should I bring?"
MIKE: "You should pack swim trunks and a life jacket."
JOE: "Ok.How about food?"
MIKE: "My parents are going to pack some food.There will be plenty for you too."
JOE: "Thanks.I'll be back as soon as possible."
MIKE: "Try to come back before 10:30."
JOE: "I will.If I can't go, I will call you."
MIKE: "I hope you can come with us."
JOE: "Me too.I have no plans today."
MIKE: "See you soon."
JOE: "I hope so!"

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