18 Aralık 2016

Going to the Lake - English Conversation

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CATHY: ":Dad, what are we doing today?"
DAD: "Cathy, it's a surprise."
CATHY: "Is it a special occasion?"
DAD: "No, Just a short family trip."
CATHY: "Does Mom know?"
DAD: "If course.It was her idea."
CATHY: "Where is Mom?"
DAD: "She is at the store getting things for our trip."
CATHY: "I'm so curious.Can you please tell me?"
DAD: "No.You have to be patient."
CATHY: "Ok.Can I help you with anything?"
DAD: "Sure.Why don't you pack your swimsuit and life jacket?"
CATHY: "I know what we're doing!"
DAD: "You do?"
CATHY: "Yes.We're going to the lake!"
DAD: "How did you know?"
CATHY: "You asked me to pack a swimsuit and a life jacket.Alseo, you are pulling out the canoe from the garage."
DAD: "It looks like I can't keep a secret."

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