18 Aralık 2016

Afternoon Picnic - English Conversation

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CATHY: "Mom, can we have a picnic this afternoon?"
Mom : "Sure, Cathy.Where should we have it?"
CATHY: "How about the lake?"
Mom: "That's a great idea."
CATHY: "What should we pack for lunch?"
Mom: "I can make ham sandwiches and potato salad."
CATHY: "Yummy.I love ham sandwiches and potato salad."
Mom: "Tell your sisters about the picnic."
CATHY: "Ok.I think it is going to get hot later today."
Mom: "That's good.It will be a good day for a swim in the lake."
CATHY: "I'll tell Cindy and Alison to wear their swimsuits."
Mom: " Don't fotget to pack your life jackets too."
CATHY: "Ok.Will Andy be joining us?"
Mom: "Of course, your brother will be joining us.Where is he?"
CATHY: "He's taking a nap on the couch."
Mom: "Let's wake him up."
CATHY: "You can wake him up.I'll get my sisters."
Mom: "Andy, wake up.We're going to the lake."

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