25 Ekim 2016

Homework - Impact

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There are lots of things that imact my lives.My parents sometimes impact my life now.When I was a child they always impacted me But now They impact 20 percent Because I dont need them anymore I grew up and I am young man.I give my own decisions.Still My parents I love them.

My friends also impact my life.We hang out every weekend and we always talk on whatsapp.I have lots of friends group.Theese are hight school friends, primary school friends, card games friends, girl friends, back row team, stajyer group and otherwise I have bulgarian and childhood friends.Now I have one more group.That Group is arel friends.So My friends impact 30 percent my life.

Sosyal medya always impact my life.I dont watch tv but I always use computer.I  watched more than sixty foreing series.I share somethings on twitter.I follow famous people.I sometimes play game with my back row team and high school friends. so sosyal medya 30 percent my life.

I usually travel every summer, bulgaria.I went to with my friends all the city's Bulgaria.I meet different people.I usually meet in bar.Girls are very polite in there not like here.These experiences also impact 20 percent my life.

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